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While 2020 has been a challenging year in almost every walk of life, the International Gospel Hour has been blessed in so many areas.   Twenty-five new congregations have joined our long time faithful supporters in giving to the work.  This has allowed us to expand by adding an APP, an updated website, more radio stations in new states and began appearing in several popular podcast forums.  

As our world changes we must take advantage of new ways to share the Gospel.  That was the premise on which Brother V.E. Howard began this work in 1934.  A new invention called the radio caught his eye and he used it to teach great numbers about the salvation offered in Jesus Christ over the airways for many years.  That is why we, while limited in visiting,  have focused on using newer technology to increase the coverage of IGH.

We have a nice blend of old and new staff that allows us respect and hold to the vision IGH started with while opening up new avenues.  Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with news from IGH.   Click on the “Where to Listen” tab to find which radio stations in your area are airing IGH. 

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