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Through the generous contributions of hundreds of Christians and churches of Christ around the country, International Gospel Hour has proclaimed the good news of Christ and his kingdom since 1934.


Together, we fully support all of the costs to air this program. We do not, have not, and will not, ask our listening audience for support. It’s our obligation to preach the gospel through this good work. And we are thankful that those who believe in what we are doing give generously to make all of this happen. Through your generosity, International Gospel Hour has existed for 85+ years. And through your generosity, we hope it will continue until the Lord returns.

What does International Gospel Hour do? Since 1934, the primary focus of IGH has been proclaiming the good news of Christ and his kingdom via radio. The number of stations and programs varies as we buy air time, change stations to reach a larger audience, negotiate better contracts, etc. IGH usually airs 5000 or so programs each month. That's a major uptick compared to where we were five years ago. We have, when the support has been there, aired as many as 15,000 broadcasts per month. Those programs are also available online and via social media. Every IGH program, in addition to teaching God's word, also offers free materials to listeners, who respond via text, toll-free calls, email, contact forms, online course registration and more. Responses are logged in an online database and local congregations help with followup. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with what IGH does on a monthly basis.


Where does your support go? Your support pays for radio time (by far, our biggest expense), supports our speaker, pays our part-time secretary and part-time audio tech, and covers office and related expenses (newsletters, postage, advertising, travel) for the work. During the last calendar year (2018), 80% of all expenses were for radio broadcasts. The higher the level of support, the greater the percentage of funds going to air programs.  If you have questions,  you can contact Jody Apple (email address below) or one of the elders of the West Fayetteville Church of Christ. Financial reports are available on request and regularly included in our monthly reports.

We make this support page available to Christians and congregations that wish to contribute to our work. This page is hidden from our menu so that it does not appear to our radio listeners who visit the site to browse and download audio files and transcripts.


You may contribute to International Gospel Hour:


1. By Check:

Send contributions to: International Gospel Hour • P.O. Box 118 • Fayetteville, TN 37334


2. PayPal OnLine:

Online contributions in any amount can be made via PayPal using the Donate button below. PayPal allows both checking and credit card contributions. PayPal also allows you to set up regular/monthly contributions.








Please direct all questions about IGH finances, support and contributions to JodyApple@InternationalGospelHour.com


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Special 8 Page Brochure - "No One Listens To The Radio Anymore"

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