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92% of Americans listen
to the radio each week ... 
Are you listening to IGH?

Radio burst on the scene in the early part of the 20th century. The first commercial broadcasts started in the 1920's. International Gospel Hour wasn't too far behind. Starting in 1934, IGH has been on the air for 80+ years. Nearly one hundred years later, Americans still listen to the radio. According to a recent report, 92% of us listen to an average of 2.5 hours each week. That's 242 million weekly listeners. We hope that you spend part of your 2.5 hours this week listening to IGH, either on air or online.

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It's all free. Seriously. IGH provides all of our broadcasts free. And our transcripts. Free. Just go to our Media tab at the top of every page and use the drop down menu to navigate to the Audio page. All of the programs, together with their transcripts are in the process of being archived there. Select the one you want and download. If you need more than one, of if you need them all, it makes no difference, they're all free. As we build additional online resources, we will make all of them freely available as well.

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